Tuesday, 30 April 2013

There's an Endless Earworm Tape Loop Playing in My Head!

I've heard lots of ladies over the years talk about hot flashes, the topic of the blog post last time around.  However, along with my hot flashes, I also experience something that I've never heard anyone mention, specifically.  So maybe it's just me, but I'm going to ask anyway...

Does anyone else get what I call 'busy brain' when they are having their hot flashes?  For me, like with the hot flashes themselves, this isn't something I notice too much during the day.  My brain is pretty busy as a rule; I'm always thinking about something - a new story plot, an easier way to do something, a way to avoid doing something altogether - you get the drift!

Again though, it is at night that this phenomenon makes its presence really felt.  Every time I wake up with a hot flash, my brain immediately engages and heads off on a charge through every random thought I've ever had.  Thinking about something useful or productive (even at two or three in the morning) would be ... well, useful or productive!  No, I'm not getting anything like that; just weird, bizarro stuff like 'why are people asking Google why cats purr?'*

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Red Hot (Flash) Mamas

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Menopause and hot flashes; the two practically go hand in hand, synonymous with each other.  So no blog about this stage of our lives would be complete without mention of them.  So far, I have to say, I have been pretty lucky with the hot-flash issue.  The way it's been is that they come for three months or so then go away for six to nine months.  Cool, right?

This last time around I went for about a year, and I thought I might get off scot-free and be done with them.  Wait!  Not so fast!  THEY'RE BA-ACK!!  So while they are very much top of mind, I thought I would do something useful with the misery and write a post about them. 

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Run Donna, Run!

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When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won.  There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fail.  Think of it - always.
                                                 - Ghandi

For Boston

Item number two on my short list of goals was to run a 5K race.  I used to run sporadically, about twenty years ago, until I started telling myself that I couldn't and quit.  I knew I would have lots of support as my Dad, Brother and Hubby were/are all runners.  Neither was I starting from a level of complete out-of-shapedness, having had a gym membership for several years.  I guess I wasn't really working hard enough however, because I was thirty pounds overweight when I started training at the beginning of January this year!

Support me in the Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge today!

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Support me in the Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge today!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kick-starting Fearlessness

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I have to say this about myself; I do tend to be a bit of a navel-gazer.  You know, questioning the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything.  It happens most around all the milestones - birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas/New Year.  I spend a lot of time looking back over what's happened and, even though I don't make official New Year's resolutions anymore, I cast an eye to the future and what I might hope to achieve.

So, as you can imagine, with a nice, fat birthday milestone to contemplate, this tendency shifted into high gear!  As the day got closer, I found myself looking back over my whole life - YIKES!!  It was a process that yielded some interesting results, some of which I will expand on in upcoming posts (hey, it's all grist for the blogging mill now!).

As I looked forward though, I kept hitting up against goals that I still cherished but, for one reason or another, had not reached.  For some of the goals some of the reasons were legit - logistics, finances, whatever.  But for too many of them, all that stood in the way was fear.  I was a big scaredy-cat!  A chicken-s**t!  The goals themselves aren't scary; it was how I was thinking about them.

I decided I needed a short list of smaller goals that could be reached relatively quickly and inexpensively.  I hoped that by doing this, I would shake things up and give myself a confidence boost as I tackled the Big Dreams.  Here are the things I came up with:

          1.  Get a tattoo
          2.  Run a 5K race
          3.  Pursue an idea to raise money for the MS Society, using my photos
          4.  Climb an indoor climbing wall
          5.  Glamour/boudoir photos (tasteful, of course!)

It's a pretty odd assortment, I guess.  Not exactly dare-devil stuff, no throwing myself off bridges or out of moving transportation!  And I'd like to tell you that I rushed out and started crossing things off right away.  But I didn't.

I basically forgot about the list once the navel-gazing urge had passed, and six months went by.  I found it again by accident and have to say I was actually embarrassed with myself.  So much so that I picked up the phone right then and there and made an appointment to cross item one off the list.  I didn't give myself time to think about it (or put it off) anymore.  I just did it!

Photographic proof!!!

So now I'm 50 and inked!  These days that's hardly shocking I know, and it does make me a bit of a walkin' talkin' mid-life crisis cliche.  But I don't care, now that it's done.  Tattooed Moi feels just a little bit bad-ass!  Score one, for item one, as a shot in the arm!

Anybody else out there done anything crazy or daring to mark a milestone?  What about fulfilling a dream or doing something important, life-changing?  If you've got a story please share it, to inspire the rest of us.



Friday, 12 April 2013

Begorrah, begosh and be-50!!!!

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Two years ago, when I was approaching my 49th birthday, I found myself planning a quiet celebration alone.  My husband was away for seven weeks, my family all live on the West Coast, while we’re on the East, having been posted here since 2010 (such is Military life!).  One of my best friends was to come and visit, but not until the week after my birthday.  It was all pretty low-key, which was actually fine at the time.

The next one was not to pass so quietly however; a sentiment that I probably passed on to Hubby on the phone, although I don’t remember doing so.  When he returned home though, at the end of June, one of the first things he wanted to talk about was how we were to celebrate my 50th.  He’d had some time to think about it, and had a brilliant idea.  Why not go to Ireland to celebrate?  WHAT?!?

No, wait!  Actually that was a brilliant idea.  I’m half Irish and despite the fact that I grew up ‘next door’ in England, I had never been to Ireland.  I loved the idea, and after having a look at the budget, given that we had almost a year to add to our savings, decided that it was a go.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hi There!


Welcome to the first post of my new blog – Menopause Moi.  If you’ve found yourself straight here (rather than through the About page), my name is Donna, I am 50 years old and I am nowhere near as pretentious as this blog name would imply (or at least I hope not)!  Menopause Moi should really be Menopause Me, which is the ‘new’ me that I am becoming as I go through this latest phase of life.

And at 50 I’m definitely making different choices and having different reactions than I did in the past.  I’m surprising myself with how positive and excited I feel, given that my usual M.O. slides on a scale from tempered enthusiasm to fear-induced immobility!  This blog is one of those new choices.  The idea grew from a suggestion that wouldn’t go away, so here I am, saying ‘what the heck …’