Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hi There!

Welcome to the first post of my new blog – Menopause Moi.  If you’ve found yourself straight here (rather than through the About page), my name is Donna, I am 50 years old and I am nowhere near as pretentious as this blog name would imply (or at least I hope not)!  Menopause Moi should really be Menopause Me, which is the ‘new’ me that I am becoming as I go through this latest phase of life.

And at 50 I’m definitely making different choices and having different reactions than I did in the past.  I’m surprising myself with how positive and excited I feel, given that my usual M.O. slides on a scale from tempered enthusiasm to fear-induced immobility!  This blog is one of those new choices.  The idea grew from a suggestion that wouldn’t go away, so here I am, saying ‘what the heck …’

I enjoy writing, but putting it out there is an exercise in pushing the envelope.  I’m not new to blogging, however.  I set up a couple of ill-fated blogs a while ago, as affiliate sites, strictly to try and make some money.  I sucked at it, hence the `ill-fated`, proving yet again that there are some things you shouldn`t attempt just for the money.  As for this blog, although it will have some links to items that are for sale (please see the ‘disclaimer’ on the About page regarding this), it is purely for the pleasure of it.

So, a bit more about me to continue the introduction; I currently live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, am married (a military spouse), have no kids, am currently unemployed, though semi-retired sounds a little better and I have M.S. 

As I said, I enjoy writing.  However, I currently find myself mired in the middle of a novel started many moons ago (watch this space for blatant self-promotion if I ever finish the bloody thing!).  I`m hoping that this blog will be more successful!  As well as writing I enjoy reading, taking photographs, especially of flowers, plus Hubby and I love to travel.

A lot of what will end up here, certainly to start with, will be my experiences and my take on things.  Any or all of the above facets of me will come up in time, I`m sure.  If you don’t know me and have landed here by luck rather than judgement, I hope that you enjoy what’s here and maybe stay and share something about Menopause You.

For now though, the next few posts will be about some of the ways I`ve marked the occasion of my milestone birthday over the past year.  Hope to see you there!




  1. Hey, this is good! The writing is great and the idea is super. If there is "Menopausal" for when one reaches the 'fifties' what is there for when a woman reaches 'seventies'? Perhaps: "WAY PAST-MENOPAUSAL"! (Sigh)
    You notice I refer specifically to "women". Well let's face-it, men do have some kind of "mid-life" pause, but try and get them to think about it, talk about it or even acknowledge that it is even happening to them!!!
    Way to go Donna.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. It's all new, so I'm glad you like it. As for the men in our lives, we may love 'em,but the're a mystery I'm not qualified to comment on!

    2. I didn't realise I had a blogger page in Google! So the "unknown" person was me! I went in to update my profile, so maybe now I will be a little more transparent!