Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kick-starting Fearlessness

I have to say this about myself; I do tend to be a bit of a navel-gazer.  You know, questioning the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything.  It happens most around all the milestones - birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas/New Year.  I spend a lot of time looking back over what's happened and, even though I don't make official New Year's resolutions anymore, I cast an eye to the future and what I might hope to achieve.

So, as you can imagine, with a nice, fat birthday milestone to contemplate, this tendency shifted into high gear!  As the day got closer, I found myself looking back over my whole life - YIKES!!  It was a process that yielded some interesting results, some of which I will expand on in upcoming posts (hey, it's all grist for the blogging mill now!).

As I looked forward though, I kept hitting up against goals that I still cherished but, for one reason or another, had not reached.  For some of the goals some of the reasons were legit - logistics, finances, whatever.  But for too many of them, all that stood in the way was fear.  I was a big scaredy-cat!  A chicken-s**t!  The goals themselves aren't scary; it was how I was thinking about them.

I decided I needed a short list of smaller goals that could be reached relatively quickly and inexpensively.  I hoped that by doing this, I would shake things up and give myself a confidence boost as I tackled the Big Dreams.  Here are the things I came up with:

          1.  Get a tattoo
          2.  Run a 5K race
          3.  Pursue an idea to raise money for the MS Society, using my photos
          4.  Climb an indoor climbing wall
          5.  Glamour/boudoir photos (tasteful, of course!)

It's a pretty odd assortment, I guess.  Not exactly dare-devil stuff, no throwing myself off bridges or out of moving transportation!  And I'd like to tell you that I rushed out and started crossing things off right away.  But I didn't.

I basically forgot about the list once the navel-gazing urge had passed, and six months went by.  I found it again by accident and have to say I was actually embarrassed with myself.  So much so that I picked up the phone right then and there and made an appointment to cross item one off the list.  I didn't give myself time to think about it (or put it off) anymore.  I just did it!

Photographic proof!!!

So now I'm 50 and inked!  These days that's hardly shocking I know, and it does make me a bit of a walkin' talkin' mid-life crisis cliche.  But I don't care, now that it's done.  Tattooed Moi feels just a little bit bad-ass!  Score one, for item one, as a shot in the arm!

Anybody else out there done anything crazy or daring to mark a milestone?  What about fulfilling a dream or doing something important, life-changing?  If you've got a story please share it, to inspire the rest of us.



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