Thursday, 25 April 2013

Red Hot (Flash) Mamas

Menopause and hot flashes; the two practically go hand in hand, synonymous with each other.  So no blog about this stage of our lives would be complete without mention of them.  So far, I have to say, I have been pretty lucky with the hot-flash issue.  The way it's been is that they come for three months or so then go away for six to nine months.  Cool, right?

This last time around I went for about a year, and I thought I might get off scot-free and be done with them.  Wait!  Not so fast!  THEY'RE BA-ACK!!  So while they are very much top of mind, I thought I would do something useful with the misery and write a post about them. 

As I say, I'm lucky with this on the whole.  During the day, I get the odd one or two flashes, along with a lovely rosy glow!  I barely notice them, and most other people certainly wouldn't.  Although there was the one time Hubby and I went out to dinner and I was wearing a white blouse.  As I turned not just rosy, but positively puce, my new hue stood out against the pale fabric.  My Hubby's eyes almost bugged out of his head.  'You're having a hot flash, aren't you?  I can see it!'  He sounded so pleased that he had noticed; it would have been a shame if I'd had to punch him!!  Fortunately the restaurant was busy and nobody heard!

It's at night-time that I have the most problems.  Let's face it, these days, we all need our sleep, but when my hot flashes come to visit, I definitely don't get what I need.  Makes me a little crabby, I have to confess!  But even just on a physical level, one minute I'm fast asleep, the next I'm wide awake, hot and flinging back the duvet like my life depends on it.  Five minutes later, I'm flippin' freezing again and scrabbling around, in the dark, trying to restore sheets and said duvet so I can get back to sleep.  And I'm trying to do all this without waking Hubby, who also gets pretty crabby when his sleep is disturbed!  (In all fairness to him, he does have to be up at 5:30 a.m.!)

I know that others out there have it way worse than me, and you have my sympathy; there are also those (few, I think) lucky ladies who sail through menopause without so much as breaking a sweat.  In this, as in most things, we are all different.  Still for the majority of us, we have gone from being our own version of a red-hot mama to a red, hot mama instead!

I've tried several well-known, natural remedies to try and alleviate my own hot flashes, but nothing has really worked for me so far.  So, if anyone out there has found something new or different that helps, I'd love to hear about it.



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