Friday, 31 May 2013

Pinterest-addict Moi!

Is anyone else out there hooked on Pinterest.  I have to say, I'm addicted!  I had read about it ages ago, but didn't really even check it out.  Then about a year ago, after reading yet another article in the paper (also being somewhat bored that day!), I signed up for an account.  I was presented with about 30 people to follow, based on what I had plugged in as my interests and likes.  These are people who, for the most part, have fabulous taste in ... well almost everything!

At first I didn't go on there too often.  This was because when I did I lost, like, half a day!  At first it's a bit overwhelming and everything looks pin-worthy, so I pinned cautiously, just a few things here and there.  I set up my boards like most people do, one for clothes, one for crafty or DIY things, one for the realistic home decorating stuff, as well as one for the stuff that's only in my dreams; oh ...and one for quotes, I love quotes!

Since getting my iPod at Christmas though, it has become a whole other 'thing'.  I now have the Pinterest app which makes it so much easier to look at all the lovelies!  Because it is a social medium there's lots of talk about getting followers.  I'm not so much into that part of it; I think I have three or four (thank you though, to those!) compared to the millions that some people have.

What I do like coming up with is ideas for new boards.  I have one just for pink things (love pink!), one for convertibles (love those!), the Best of British and Canadjan Content as tributes to my heritage and my home, to name but a few.  It's like a treasure hunt for me now, finding things to pin.  I can't just pin any old pink thing, for example, just because it's pink.  I will pin most things that aren't usually pink, like a bank of electrical meters or a block of translucent pink concrete!  Other things that are more commonly pink, like clothes or shoes, I have to love before I pin.

I don't play games on my iPod anymore.  Pinterest has become the game!  It's fun and I can look through it while I'm having my brekkie or a cup of tea in the afternoon.  The world is full of beautiful things and Pinterest is the place to find pictures of most of them.  That makes it worth the while for me!  If you are as hooked as I am and want to see my pins, I'm at



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