Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Do You Have a Bucket List?

I have one.  An actual typed-out list (because I love lists - totally how I 'organize' my life!).  It began as a very specific '101 things to do before I die' when I started building it in my twenties.

As I've gotten older though, I realized that you can't really place an arbitrary number on your dreams, goals and desires.  Some people may have 1,001 things on their list, and achieve a lot of them; others may have only half a dozen.  It's not the quantity that counts, it's the quality.

I went online to do a bit of research on bucket lists and found a couple of interesting sites where people can add their own bucket items to an ever-expanding list.  One even acts as a resource so people can help each other fulfill their goals.  Curiosity took over; I had to have a peek at what other folks had listed.

Some of the objectives were noble - serve my country, give blood, rescue a dog or cat, pay for a stranger's groceries and so on.  I like these, despite not being particularly noble myself! (Although I have rescued a dog, and given blood; they just weren't on my life goals list!!)

Some of the items were just plain goofy to me - shave a coconut (!), draw funny faces on all the eggs in my fridge (whimsical but - why?), eat a slice of Spam (don't do it, girl!) and my personal favourite, and the most obtuse item I found 'strap a rocket to a merry-go-round' (WTF!).

On my personal list, the oddest thing was probably to buy a bottle of Perrier Jouet champagne (not up there with shaving a coconut, I know!).  What's odd is the reason I wanted it, which wasn't because it was good champagne (although it was), nor because I'm a wine connoisseur (I'm not!).  I wanted it because I love the beautiful Art Deco-style bottles it comes in!  Incidentally, I crossed this item off my list while celebrating the new millennium - doubly meaningful!

And I guess that is the point of a bucket list.  To remind ourselves what is meaningful to us.  Which is why the one website has almost a million goals listed.  The majority of what people want to do, me included, is things that allow us, or force us, to grow and stretch as human beings.  Travel and learning; experiences that fill our souls and make us feel more alive for having done them.

And every item on these lists demands something from us; money often, but usually more than that also.  Many require time, courage, commitment and hard work.  They require us to let go of our limitations.  One item on my own list will require a miracle!

But I am still crossing things off, slowly but surely.  Hubby and I recently went to Iceland - #69 on my original '101 list'.  I am within 5,000 words, I think, of finishing my novel (first draft - still crap, but will be complete!) - #3 on the latest list.  Because these goals are still worth pursuing; maybe now more than ever!  Keep dreaming ladies!



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