Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Living with Less Part III (The End!)

As you will know if you read Living with Less Parts One and Two, Hubby and me (but mainly me) have been on a quest to reduce our personal items.  Because this was quite a success, we then went through our whole house, room by room.  We have sorted and tidied; pulled out long-neglected items from the deep dark recesses of cupboards and draws.  The result was yet another pile of under-appreciated treasures (also known as crap, but that seems a bit harsh!)

The kitchen probably yielded the most unused stuff.  The haul from there included a mountain of old Tupperware that made all the food stored in it taste like plastic - YUCK!  There was the no-longer-complete set of wineglasses that I bought when I got my first apartment (many years ago!).  Not to mention the parmesan cheese shaker that didn't work because the cheese ended up forming a giant blob - unappetizing and then impossible to get out!  Just a few examples...

The buffet in the dining room harboured more than one set of old (stained, frayed-ewww!) placements and/or napkins that we'd had since we were first married.  They were great and had been well used, but time for them to go (btw - these went into the garbage, not the sell/donate box!!!).  In a vain attempt to be someone I'm not (even before the whole Mad Men thing) I bought a set of martini glasses, also gathering dust in the hutch.  Being basically a beer and wine girl, I think I maybe used these glasses once!  Time for me to just be me; time for the glasses to go!

The above examples convinced me that I started this not a minute too soon, and why I should really look at my stuff more often!  It took a while, but we did get through everything - a feat in itself, I think.  We wanted to see just how much decent stuff there was, so all the under-appreciated treasures ended up being corralled in our spare room.  Then, this past weekend our Living with Less journey came to an end, at least for now - with a yard sale (no, make that a garage sale).

As yard (garage) sales go, this particular one was less than stellar, unfortunately.  We joined forces with our neighbours, which actually ended up being only one other.  This was because, not only was it a long weekend here in Canada, it was also a cool, rainy (sometimes torrential!) one in the Halifax area.  Not a lot of enthusiasm from most folks!  We persevered for most of the Saturday morning, and I have to say, I was actually surprised at how much we did sell, which was great. 

But that was the end of Hubby's endurance.  I had forbidden any of the stuff to come back into the house, so it was all packed into the car and off to be donated.  Hopefully it will do someone else some good.

So now the house is tidier, of course, and there is a lot more room in closets and cupboards.  I'm not sure that I've achieved the picture of calm and serenity that I imagined.  However, that would require a major paint job and new furniture, so was probably a little unrealistic!  I'm glad that we did it though.  Dropping off that last donation brought a definite sense of relief.

Now, if only we could stop buying stuff...!



P.S. There are no pictures to record the yard (garage) sale for posterity because Living-with-Less Moi (just like Menopause Moi) forgot to take any!!!

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