Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Top Ten Best Things About Menopause

The last post covered the worst things about menopause, many of which were tangible, specific issues.  In putting together a list of the best things about this time in our lives, I found myself coming up against ideas that were a lot less concrete.  Nonetheless, there are a great number of positives to be had, so here is my best attempt at corralling them into a list:

Top Ten Best Things About Menopause! 
10.  We become less willing to accept the status quo, to ‘settle’ as it were.  If we don’t like a situation, we are more likely to speak up about it now.
9.      A certain level of invisibility.  No, the guys don’t necessarily whistle when we walk down the street.  However, because we are old enough to be that cute guy’s mother, neither he, nor anyone else, thinks anything of it when we stare openly!
8.      Less guilt.  This goes hand in hand with Number Ten above.  It becomes a lot harder at this time in our lives to make us do ‘the shoulds’ by making us feel bad about ourselves!
7.      More money!  Without having to buy birth control, tampons, pads, (both taxed as non-essential items!  I’d like to see a man get through a visit from ‘Aunt Flo’ without them… but I digress!) Midol, ibuprofen, new underwear, etc. we should all be better off!
6.      For those with kids, you have more time for yourself as they become independent.  This is a time when women become more creative and start to reflect back on some of the dreams and goals they gave up on, even as far back as the teenage years.
5.      Better sex!  Now, we’re all different and there are certainly polar views on what this constitutes at menopause!  Some ladies buck the conventional wisdom and find that their libido is increased.  The other end of the spectrum appears to be those who say ‘Meh’, but no longer feel guilty about it (see Number Eight!)
4.      Self-acceptance.  Despite all of the changes in our bodies, it seems most of us become kinder to ourselves.  We may fight the grey hair and wrinkles, but we don’t see them as a personal failing (which, of course, they’re not!) and that’s a good thing.
3.      More confidence.  This ties in with several other items on this list, which all combine to make women more daring and fearless at this point in their lives.  My research found ladies who had changed careers or emigrated, who changed hobbies into successful businesses, who took all manner of risks, which they had been unable to imagine themselves doing only a couple of years earlier.  For me, it was starting this blog!
2.      Can’t get pregnant!  Whew!  You can all relax now!
1.      No more periods!  Sweet freedom!  Go dig out the white shorts or capris this summer and enjoy wearing them!

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