Monday, 21 October 2013

Menopause Bites!

This is by way of an apology, Dear Readers!  It has been three weeks since I last posted.  And I was so intent on getting back to a regular routine of blogging; this was NOT what I had in mind!

I have not been sleeping very well, as I mentioned a post or two ago.  It's the usual menopause suspects; the hot flashes wake me up, then the busy brain keeps me there.  Repeat throughout the night.  Repeat every night throughout the week.  You know how it goes!  Menopause bites!

It would appear however that you can't go on like that indefinitely without repercussions!  Sure enough, my day came a couple of weeks ago! 

I got up with every intention of going to the gym for a run.  Problem was, as soon as I started to get changed, I discovered I couldn't get my sports bra done up!!  There are a number of reasons for this, which I won't go into; suffice to say that after ten minutes of squirming and wrangling the bloody thing, I gave up in a hissy fit!

All I wanted to do by then was get the stupid bra off me.  But I was in full-blown, hormone-soup hissy by this time; arms flailing; more squirming, so it wouldn't come off!  Imagine for a moment how ridiculous this looked, then add the image of me, yelling obscenities at the world in general and stomping around my bedroom!!  Not pretty!

And that was it, I'm afraid.  My day went downhill from there.  When my neighbour came around a bit later to ask me a question, she was greeted by a blubbering mess.  She made me go take a nap and told me to ignore the phone and the front door.  (Maybe she was just afraid that the next person to come to my door might be a small child - traumatized forever!!!)

I turned the alarm off for the following week; I do know that I'm lucky to be able to do that.  I also raided my freezer for a bunch of the suppers I had made up, so that I didn't have to cook.  Within a few days I was getting close to my normal self and feeling better.  But yes, menopause bites!

The whole experience though made me think.  Firstly, I had to wonder where my lovely new menopause life had gone.  The one I was raving about when I started this blog.  It's still here, no panic; though I did panic for a while, thinking that I had been fooling myself, yet again.

Secondly, I had to ask myself how I had got to such a low point.  This wasn't too hard to figure out, certainly on the surface.  I've also been told by many kind ladies who've been here already, that episodes like this are 'normal', or at least expected.  It just doesn't feel very normal to me! 

And lastly, I realized that I have been trying to live my new life, while still holding on to the old one.  So I've decided that I should try to make some changes to a more healthy life-style that will help me keep up with the 'new me' that I want to be.  It won't be anything drastic, but I'm sure I could be doing better.

 So, I'm going to check some stuff out; probably starting with ideas to help me get more sleep, as that seems to be where I've been lacking.  I'll let you know what I find out. 

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