Thursday, 7 November 2013

Menopause Moi Makeover (Me)

I'm happy to report that my hot flashes have, once again, abated and I am sleeping like a baby the whole night!  This has, obviously, made me feel so much better.

That having been said, this change has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I have or have not done differently in life.  It is merely by fluke and hormonal fluctuation that I am in this state of grace!

I still have not had a chance to discuss the lack-of-sleep issue with a doctor.  A peculiarity of the practice that I go to is that they hold Women's Health clinics every couple of weeks or so, and it is there, rather than my GP that I am to go for help. 

Their next clinic is completely booked up, so it will be sometime in December at the earliest before I will get in.  Does anyone else's doctor do the same thing?  I find it a bit frustrating, but that is probably because I have no patience!!

Since doing all the research for the last post, it's hitting home for me in a big way just how connected things are with our health.  Perhaps more so at menopause, or maybe it just seems that way.

The amount of sleep we get affects our mood.  What we eat affects our hot flashes.  How we handle stress can affect where we gain weight, and so on. 

I thought I was doing pretty well when I started running at the beginning of the year.  What I'm learning is that I'm still doing some of the 'wrong' things - things that I could get away with when I was younger.  (I don't really like the term 'wrong' - I'm not doing anything illegal!!  There are, of course things that are better and things that are worse for our health.)

So, I've decided to do a health makeover.  I already mentioned my intent to make a few changes to help myself out.  What I'm planning now will be on a bit bigger scale, but I will be doing it over the course of a few months.

This post will be the official start of it, and I will update my progress regularly.  I'll also be posting about what my personal research finds out, as well as what worked and what didn't, of the solutions offered.

I was going to post my weight and measurements, but decided against it.  No, not out of embarrassment!  I don't want to make this a numbers game for myself, or for you, my Readers.  I haven't 'dieted' in years, and I want to keep the focus on being healthy above all.

I hope that you'll follow along, maybe join me along the way.  At the very least I hope that we can all learn something that helps us through this transition.



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