Monday, 6 January 2014

A New New Year’s Tradition – Opening the Good Things Jar

I know, I know…  To quote myself, New Year’s is so last week!  But this was fun, and I think, worth blogging about!
Having seen the idea on Pinterest, last year I decided it would be fun to start a Good Things jar.  For anyone who hasn’t seen this, it’s a jar that you set up; we kept ours handy on the kitchen counter.  As you go through the year, you write down all the good things, big or small, that happen on a piece of paper.  The paper is folded and put in the jar, with the jar to be opened and all the notes read on New Year’s Eve.

Ideally, in terms of gratitude, there should be a note for every day of the year, but we didn’t quite manage that.  However, in the end we did better than I thought we might. 
2013 was an awesome year and reliving the best parts of it was a blast.  It took us a couple of hours to go through everything, reminiscing as we went.  Although I do have to confess that did include regular refills of the bubbly!  (It was New Year’s after all!)     
Many of the notes documented the major events in our year – travel, concerts, birthdays and anniversaries.  We did also manage to capture some of those days that start out as ordinary, but end up being wonderful without any particular plan

And there were a surprising number of notes that were just about every day occurrences, things that might otherwise have passed us by, such as this one (cool too, that both Hubby and I saw fit to put it in the jar).  All we did was go for a walk!

We even got our guests in on the act.  The one on the left refers to my Hubby, was only the second or third one picked out of the pile and almost brought me to tears.  Hubby was surprised I think, but touched too.

And of course, this is Menopause Moi and more evidence, if any were needed, that my memory is only a memory.  Not once, but twice did I forget that I had already put in a note, so did it again!  (As for me cooking, it’s such a rarity that it probably warrants being noted twice!)

When all the notes had been read, Hubby asked “what do we do with these now?”  A part of me wanted to keep them, use them in a scrapbook or photo album.  But in the end I decided that the Good Things Jar should be like a mandala; a year to create, a moment to enjoy and then let go of.

The Hubster summed it up pretty profoundly when he said “it’s the past after all, and this is New Year’s.  We’re looking forward; we don’t want to be holding on to this.”  It’s true; 2013 was a great year for us, but I have high hopes for 2014 as well.  And we’ve already started filling the new jar!



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