Sunday, 23 March 2014

161 Tips for Better Blogging – NOT!

Just to make sure we’re clear from the get-go, this is not, I repeat, not a post about blogging tips.  I am so not qualified to write that!

It is a further explanation of my absence from the blogosphere for a couple of months.  A hundred and sixty-one is the number of articles about blogging and social media which I currently have pinned to my ‘Better Blogging’ board on Pinterest.

Given that, as mentioned in the previous post, I felt like crap for quite some time, it has seemed like a hundred and sixty-one articles too many!  I have been deluged with information and am struggling for air!

When I set the board up on Pinterest, it seemed like an excellent way to capture all the knowledge I am lacking.  Still is on some level, if the truth be told.  There is just so much to learn about setting up a blog and doing it well.

But maybe, just maybe, for me anyway, it’s all too much.  At least, all at once.  I have tips on everything from setting a budget (basically $0 right now!) to setting up my office to be a better blogger. 

There are a million ‘list’ posts out there I’m sure, mainly because the advice is that these will be popular.  I know I read them!  They constitute the most pins by far on ‘Better Blogging’. 

You name it – 7 Ways…, 12 Most Imperative (for serious bloggers!)…, 21 Types of Content…, 25 Blog Post Ideas… (plus 15 more!), 58 Ways to Get Noticed…, 63Blogging Tools… and – last but not least – 600 Brilliant Blog Post Ideas!  The numbers keep getting higher and it would seem a list is no longer enough.  Now you need to go big or go home!

There are how-to’s on making the most of my blog’s real estate.  What I should put in my blog’s footer and where I should place the Adsense ads.  There’re offers of foolproof formulas to catchy blog titles.  It’s all help I need, God knows.

And this is just for the actual blog itself.  If I want anyone to read it, I need to know how to promote myself on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and now Instagram!  Not to mention all the ones I haven't heard of yet!  How does anyone find time to figure all this out and write the damned blog posts?

I lost the plot when I pinned, then looked at, a wonderful infographic on 12 Things To Do After You've Written a New Blog Post.  12 Things?  Really?  Yikes!  After reading it through several times, I’m still not sure what all of them mean or how I’d go about doing them. (And not one of them is 'sit back and relax for five minutes'!)

I’m not giving up on my blog though.  Nor am I going to ignore all this advice, so generously given by others who’ve been there.  But it’s going to take a bit of time for me to work through all these articles.  And when those are all done, I've pinned a link to 40 Free E-books for Bloggers!  (What can I say?  It’s a compulsion!)

Oh, and don’t hold your breath for me ever figuring out Twitter!




  1. This was a good one! I tried Pin-interest but couldn't figure out what to do with ALL the information I was reading. Didn't have time neither to read it all! I checked out the site of the "600 blog post ideas"!!! I couldn't believe she had written 600 - had to go to the bottom of the list. Didn't "read" them all I hasten to add. Wend

    1. There's just so much info out there (which I guess I'm contributing to!). The 600 blog ideas was a bit too much for me, but seem like all good ideas to get you thinking. As I said, I'll work my way through, slowly but surely...