Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Book Review: I Just Want To Be Alone

I Just Want To Be Alone is a newly released anthology by the Super Cool Lady Writers.  It’s a book about marriage - a funny one, snort-worthy even, at times!  But it’s oh so much more than that too.

For those of us who have been married for a while (17 years…) this is therapy in paperback, or Kindle format if you prefer.  As I read along, I laughed out loud – often, prompting Hubby to give me the quizzical ‘what’s so funny?’ look.  I didn’t explain.  I don’t believe he would get it.

To women who have been in a relationship with a man for any length of time, these stories are completely relatable.  Unfortunately, you can’t stab the page with your finger on an e-reader - you lose your place really quickly!  But I did it mentally, all the while shouting (also mentally, because I wasn’t alone) “There!  See!  It’s not just me!”

As readers, our situations may be nothing like the ones these Super Ladies write about.  As wives, we’ve all been somewhere remarkably similar.  The disbelief – how can they be the same species and be so different?  There are the compromises, the futile ‘discussions’ and the negotiations.  Often we end up at underhanded manipulation with occasional thoughts of murder, or some other form of appropriate torture!

I used to feel guilty about these thoughts and feelings.  This book, like chats with my best friends, makes me realize that I’m so not the only one who has them.  That at times it’s normal to not want to have to give another bloody inch!

These women highlight their husband’s foibles for great comic effect, pointing out as they do so the need for a sense of humour in marriage (or just life in general!).  What also comes across though, and which makes this an even better book, is a real sense of sweetness at times, and appreciation of the husbands involved.  I didn’t get the feeling that any one of them would willingly change their marital status.  Truth be told, neither would I!

This book has a little something for almost every woman.  Consider it a handbook for the soon-to-be-married or the newly-wed.  Prepare them for what’s coming.  Single ladies - buy it so that you can gloat!  It’s easy to read, whether in small chunks for the time-crunched, or all at once.  It’ll bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your lips, and we could all use that on a regular basis.  Enjoy!




  1. Fantastic review!!! Thanks so much. I'm glad you liked the book. I have this weird experience where I read my co-contributors essays and---every time---I think, "I wish I'd written that!" It's got to be a good book when I'm jealous of my co-authors. :)

    1. Hi Nicole!
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the great read! I know what you mean about 'writing envy' - experienced it a few times while reading 'I Just Want to Be Alone!! Good luck!