Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hello, Apple? It’s Canada Calling.

Apple may make good phones, but they are really (really!) bad at geography.  First they had to abandon their Map app due to the large number of errors.  Now they have rearranged Canada it seems!


On the above map, Ottawa and Toronto have been transposed, Edmonton is shown considerably west of where it actually is and the names of St. John’s and Quebec City are cited incorrectly.

Perhaps It’s Our Fault… ?

We have a very large country (almost 10,000,000 km2), with a comparatively small population (35,000,000), so I can see it’d be easy to misplace things.

And Canadians do have a tendency to re-use place names.  I can think of three Windsors off the top of my head (in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland), although in fairness the third one is Grand Falls-Windsor to be accurate.  In Nova Scotia alone, there are two Lawrencetowns, showing a distinct lack of originality!

We also have a tendency to use place names from ‘the old countries’.  I live in Halifax and recently visited Liverpool, Nova Scotia bearing the same name as my home town.  All across Canada, there are towns and cities with names such as Truro, London, Banff and Hull, no doubt reflecting the homesickness of the settlers.  And these are just the ones from the U.K.!

Or Maybe Not… !

That having been said though, looking at the same map, it’s easy to see that Canada doesn’t have that many major cities.  There really aren’t that many places to screw up! 

And although we may not loom as large as we’d like on the world’s stage, Ottawa, as our national capital, and Toronto as our largest city, shouldn’t be exactly obscure.  A quick Google search would’ve given the Apple folks all the information they need.

Ah, I see the problem… !

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