Friday, 12 September 2014

TGIF: Friday Philosophy–Looking again at blogging

Earlier this week a friend commented about an article on my ‘Better Blogging’ Pinterest board.  He asked me to explain blogging to him.  For a few minutes, I was stumped.  I’m no expert, so was unsure where to begin, and needed to clarify whether it was the ‘hows’ or the ‘whys’ that he was after.  (Both, as it turned out.)

at first glance-motivational

This naturally started me thinking about my own blog, currently the poster child for social media neglect.  What was the ‘why’ for me when I started and why do I keep going, especially when it often appears too hard?  And perhaps more to the point, should I keep going?

t h e  c l a s s i c s  t o u r

I started the blog because I wanted to write.  I will continue because I still want to.  I will attempt to do things differently, hopefully better.  I will look again.  And thanks Harry, for the unexpected inspiration!

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