Sunday, 19 October 2014

Do Men Cause Menopause?

A while back I wrote a post about a study which theorized that men cause menopause. At the time and given the reason cited, I wasn’t convinced of their argument. Now, and admittedly for completely different reasons, I’m not so sure that men don’t cause menopause…

‘I’m going away for two weeks’

This wasn’t the first time my husband had called me in the middle of an otherwise ordinary day to let me know he’d be going away – like, soon. Such was the case a couple of weeks ago. We had a whole three days notice. And I’m not being facetious when I say this – he’s been gone with three hours notice before now!

There is an urgency to these types of trips. There’s also a fluidity, on the part of the powers that be, to making arrangements which can accommodate the unforeseen. This requires a zen-like acceptance on my part (which I’m not very good at!) and makes planning our personal lives near impossible.

I knew I would miss Hubby for the couple of weeks that he’d be gone, but I also knew that the quiet and reduced ‘schedule’ would allow for more writing time. As I say, I’ve been here before so I know where the upside is for me.

This time something was different

Given that he has had only one extended absence during the four years since we moved to Halifax, he’s been around for most of my menopause. So, while he was on this trip, I came to a surprising discovery, ironically just before he got home. Many of my menopause symptoms have gone – just disappeared - during the time he was away.

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 Checking them off:
- hot flashes – gone
- insomnia – gone
- bloat – gone
- brain fog – gone.

I even thought for a while that my mystery tooth ache had gone (unfortunately not so!). I feel better than I have in months! So, can anyone tell me – is this  an actual thing? Could men cause menopause? Or at least contribute to it? I tried to do some research on it but found nothing. Is it a conspiracy? Are 'they' keeping the truth from us?

Because if it is true, I for one would send that guy off on an extended trip so fast his feet wouldn’t touch the ground! I know this sounds mean…  and I wouldn’t want to get rid of him permanently. I rather like having him around, most of the time! But after months of exhaustion and crabbiness, I believe I currently prefer sleep!

And, just in case you’re feeling sorry for him, let me tell you where he was on this impromptu trip. Crete! As in, Greek Island, Mediterranean, warm and sunny! Meanwhile here at home it’s Canada in the Fall, all drizzly, rainy days and falling temperatures! No, don’t feel too bad for him!

Crete, Greece
Yeah, this was a really tough job!

Now that he’s back we’ll see if my symptoms return too. I’ll keep you posted because I think I might really be on to something! 

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