Monday, 3 November 2014

NaNoWriMo: Let the Craziness Begin!

Part of who I am as 'Menopause Moi’ is a writer. I don’t have any qualifications to call myself this, just a desire (compulsion?) and a brain full of whacky ideas. I’ve always written, even if it was only a journal. As well as this blog, I do have the first draft of a novel complete. It’s currently in ‘editing’ – a process that is almost as much struggle as writing the initial version.

To give myself and my fiction writing a kick start, I signed up for a writing challenge – NaNoWriMo - short for National Novel Writing Month. It happens each November and has gone from being national to being world wide, with approximately 500,000 people taking part. The goal is to write 50,000 words (a novel, although a short one by many estimations) in 30 days.

NaNoWriMo: Let the Craziness Begin!
The 'Work' in my new outlining app - index cards

 Some people go into NaNoWriMo with a blank canvas, just wait for the muse to strike. They might have an idea but no outline or plot. I tried doing this a few years ago, when I was writing the first book. It was a dismal failure for me. The muse always shows up when you’re disciplined enough to put your butt in the chair regularly – this I know. My problem was that I couldn’t make her inspire me to write anything cohesive AND do it on a timeline. For me, it’s one or the other!

This time around, I am writing the sequel to my first novel. It’s always been part of the plan to do two books. My main characters are featured in the second book, so I already know them. I have had ideas for the plot all along too, and have spent some time in preparation, sorting through and writing these down.

I’m hoping all this groundwork will lead to success. Add to that the fact that I have the company of a group of ladies, my peers, who are also taking part in this lunacy. Although the NaNoWriMo website is a great resource for keeping track and staying motivated, I’m hoping that a group where I am not completely anonymous will help me stay accountable. I don’t want to let them or myself down. We can cheer each other on, and if necessary help to keep each other sane!

I have to say that the whole idea is madness for someone who writes maybe 1,500 words on a good day! But that’s kinda the point! I’m going to try and update my word counts regularly, and am quite sure there’ll be another post at the end of the month to recap how I did, and how I felt about the entire process. In the meantime, some of the writing on the blog may be on the short side! (Yay! I hear you cry!). 

(Update: It's day three and I've written over six thousand words, so I'm on track!)
Wish me luck!

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