Monday, 19 January 2015

15 in ’15 – My Bucket List Challenge

Item number four on my list of 2015 challenges – cross fifteen items off my bucket list this year. And it will probably be the most difficult one to achieve. Why? Because this is the one that will test my resolve to ‘Fear Less’ in the coming year.

15 in '15 Bucket List Challenge
This is the actual list!

I have written about my bucket list before. I started it in my twenties, and it has changed, but only slightly over the years. I keep it because a) I love lists (said that before, too!) and b) it reminds me of what is important to me.

A lot of my list consists of travelling, as many people’s does, I think. And because travel can be so expensive, I’m going to use this as one of the reasons I haven’t crossed off more things to date! Still, there are many items for which money can be no object, as they are free or reasonably-priced at least.

Fear, and being stuck in a rut has been the biggest hindrance to not crossing more things off by now. And that is what I want to change! So here are twenty-three things on my list that I’ve identified as potentially doable this year:

  • Write a novel 
  •  Learn to sail
  • Be an extra in a movie or TV show 
  • Take a photography course
  • Try watercolour painting 
  • Climb an indoor climbing wall
  • Learn Irish Gaelic 
  • Create a piece of collage art
  • Take (pass?) the MENSA test 
  • Read ‘War and Peace’
  • Order a Kir Royale in a cocktail bar 
  • Get a mehndi design on my arm
  • Go skinny-dipping 
  • Do a boudoir photo shoot (tasteful!)
  • Attend a play at the Globe Theatre, London 
  • Have tea at the Ritz
  • Ride on the London Eye 
  • Send a message in a bottle (&get an answer) 
  • Learn to fly fish 
  • Make all my own greeting cards
  • Dance on a beach in the dark 
  • Ride a zip-line
  • Go tidal-bore rafting on the Bay of Fundy

This list within a list is where most, if not all, of the 15 in ’15 will come from. However if chance or opportunity should come, to complete any of the other sixty-three items I don’t think I will turn them away!

There is no set timetable to any of these, except to say that anything outdoors will wait until summer here in Canada! The London ones will be done in May/June when Hubby and I have our UK trip planned. The writing is on-going of course, and I have already made a start on the Irish Gaelic.

I have decided to post the entire list on the blog (under the tab 15 in ’15!), if only to keep me honest. As I go, I will be posting updates of some, though not all, of the ones I accomplish.

What about you? Do you have a bucket list you are working on? Or maybe just one thing that makes your palms sweat? If you are doing, or have done, something that scared the bejesus out of you (but you were thrilled that you did it anyway), please share it, here or on the Facebook page. I’d love to hear your inspiration!

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