Monday, 23 March 2015

Hibernation–It’s for the Bears!

I started out the year with all manner of good intentions to improve my life. I even highlighted them in a blog post. We are now almost a quarter of the way through 2015 and I confess that  the pursuit of most of my goals has stalled.

On the Positive Front…

I am still not eating gluten. There have been a couple of minor infractions whilst eating out, but no bread in the house!

I haven’t noticed much of a difference to my health in terms of the MS, but I managed to lose twelve pounds without even trying! I can honestly say, in all my years of trying to lose weight, that has NEVER happened before!

How vain it is to sit down to write

However, on the Flip Side…

With the other goals, the going is s-l-o-w, but it is still going! Where I am feeling this lack of achievement most is in my writing. I set what I thought was reasonable - a thousand words a day. I have accomplished this before and knew I could do so again.

And I have written a lot in the last month or two, though still perhaps not as much as I would like. It doesn’t seem like it however, based on the evidence here on the blog. The problem is that despite writing much, I dislike it all, especially the short stories.

It has all seemed uninspired and stale – like the air in my house (the windows were frozen shut!) This is why the quote above is so apt.

Because of the weather, I have been a virtual shut-in for almost three months. And I have learned in that relatively short time, how important ‘standing up to live’ really is. Creativity requires life and people. It needs interactions and activity.

When I had to leave the house to work, doing battle with the elements as I did so, I used to fantasize about staying in the comfort and warmth of home every day. And there will always be those days when I am eternally grateful that I don’t have to go out to work.

But there comes a time when having little company other than your own works against you. I have felt unmotivated, sluggish and stagnant. Also frustrated, as I believed that this time, with nothing to distract me from a daily writing practice, would be productive.

But Spring has arrived, in theory if not in reality yet. The weather is slowly changing. The sun shines longer and more often, temperatures are warming up.

Now that I can feel it, I’m looking forward. To going for a walk or a run in the sunshine. I hope to see more of my neighbours and friends. Perhaps a trip downtown to people-watch, or at least to Starbucks! The amazing vacation we have planned.

And also to writing, and being inspired. To feeling alive, dusting off the desire to do and ready to take on the world once more.

The hibernation is over!


  1. I agree Donna I have been writing more but I find I'm also deleting more. We've had a couple of days that were amazing last week and I got to take the laptop outside and did a wonderful job but it ended all to soon and we're back to rainy and chilly. I also don't get out much and it does tend to get old and boring! Hopefully sunshine in the future for both of us!

    1. Well I have sunshine today Rena, and warmer temperatures. If I can navigate through the snow piles, it will be a nice walk for me later! It's frustrating when you can't get the words right, so I hope you get your groove back!

  2. I haven't been through quite as long a shut-in as you, but I know how it feels. I used to get 'cabin fever' in the winters. Gotten more reclusive, so not a problem now. Glad the light is coming back for you. Have fun on your mini vacations and adventures... write about them!?

    1. Thanks Kathryn! I definitely have plans to use the vacation and adventures as inspiration. And today the sun is shining... we're getting there!