Monday, 30 March 2015

Life Can (and Did) Change in an Instant

Last Sunday morning I woke up, looked out the window and decided that, if I had to, I would leave my husband. No, not because I didn’t love him anymore or that I could no longer live with him.

It was the snow I could no longer live with! Another snowfall overnight, one more in a series of many led me to this extreme decision. It has seriously been the worst winter I’ve ever experienced, and here on the East Coast I’m not the only one saying that! When I saw still more of the white sh*t, I knew I was done.

Life Can (and Did) Change in an Instant
An idea of what too much snow looks like!

I did not mention this momentous decision to my beloved right away, and I am glad I didn’t. Because on Monday, the very next day, our lives changed, literally within the space of one hour.

Hubby called from work on Monday afternoon, about half an hour before he was due to leave for the day. Being a military member, he has a career manager, to whom he had just spoken on the phone. This normally never happens.

Hubby was surprised, but excited, telling me that our longed-for posting might be imminent. I was surprised and excited at the prospect as well, but as a cynic I wasn’t going to get my hopes up too high without the official paperwork!

When Hubs got home, we made a pot of tea as usual and were just sitting down to discuss this new development when the phone rang. Hubby’s boss was on the line. This normally never happens! However, knowing how important the information would be, he called to let us know that he had the paperwork in his hand!

So, it’s official! We are moving! We’re off to Victoria B.C. in July. Move number twenty-three for me – and another right across Canada!

Life Can (and Did) Change in an Instant
Scenes like this are in my future!

I have to say, this feels as though we won the lottery! In truth, if I ever did win the lottery, Vancouver Island would be first place I would go (it wouldn’t be the only place, but it would certainly be the first!). I am so grateful and appreciative of this opportunity.

Moving is always bitter-sweet though and I know I will not escape without shedding a few tears. Despite knowing from the outset that we would not stay in Nova Scotia, living here has been an experience I would not trade. I fell in love with our home at first sight and its location is spectacular. Not to mention our neighbours and the wonderful friends we have made…. well, I can’t think about leaving them at the moment.

For now, I have the ‘hurry up’ part of the ‘hurry up and wait’ that is selling a house to deal with. That should keep me out of trouble for a week or two as I rush to get everything clean and staged before listing!

Then we have to ‘live’, floating around on our eyelashes – and woe betide anyone who messes anything up! At that point, if you need me, I’ll be camping out in the closest Starbucks!

Maybe there I can get my writing goals back on track at least. And we are still able to take our trip to the U.K. in May. Unfortunately though, some of my other plans will have to go by the board. Running a 5K race a month throughout the summer was the first cancellation – to try again next year, perhaps.

Moving also brings with it anticipation, another opportunity to grow, reinvent life and have more adventure. The house sale, packing, travelling and settling in will give the Hubster and me new stories to tell. (I’ll share many of them here, no doubt.)

And to that I say ‘Bring it on! I can’t wait!’

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  1. Glad you are taking him with you! Have a great new adventure.