Sunday, 26 April 2015

Colouring: Not Just Child’s Play Anymore

Have you heard about the latest craze – adult colouring books? The buzz about them is everywhere right now - on-line, on TV (the national news, no less!). If you are an adult colouring book creator, your time is now!

And guess what? I am ahead of the curve on this fad, I’m happy to report! Not because I’m at the fore-front - I never lead any trend. Most have to have been a ‘thing’ for weeks, months, even years before they hit my radar!

Colouring: Not Just Child's Play
One of my ‘works’!

I’m happy because I discovered adult colouring books quite by accident, but they are one of the best things I’ve found in ages. It happened when Hubby was browsing through Amazon looking for research on mediaeval villages for a project he was working on.

“Hey, there’s a colouring book on that. That’s about the level I want. Maybe I should get it.” He was being smart.
“Wouldn’t that be a bit much for kids?” I was remembering my own childhood colouring efforts. “Actually, I don’t think these ones are for kids. There’s one here on the Book of Kells.”

Colouring: Not Just Child's Play
My very own Book of Kells!

In Ireland the year before, we had seen the actual Book of Kells, a beautiful eighth century illuminated manuscript. So, I went from not knowing that adult colouring books existed to wanting that particular one so badly that he added it to his order for me!

When it arrived, to say that this was no children’s colouring book was an understatement! I was intimidated by the level of detail and intricacy. Because of that, I initially put off starting to colour. I didn’t want to mess it up!

Colouring: Not Just Child's Play
Some of the intricate detail

But kids don’t worry about that stuff. When they sit down to colour, they are artists of the highest order. So I got over myself. And as I did so, I discovered something unexpected.

Colouring is an awesome way to spend time! It is relaxing. It takes me out of my thoughts while I focus on staying within the lines. It is a meditation for those of us who love to meditate, but often ‘can’t find time’ to do so.

There is no right or wrong way to do it, no set instructions to follow. (Seriously, colour outside the lines if you want to!) It is not art or creation in the typical sense so, for me anyway, there is no attachment to the outcome.

There are so many things that we forget when we ‘learn to adult’. The benefit of play is one of the most important. Sure, real life is no game at times, but taking a few minutes off once in a while can only make us better able to deal in the long run.

At least, that’s my story – and I’m sticking to it! Why don’t you get out your coloured pencils and join me?

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  1. Looks like Dover books. I have had several of theirs on my book shelf for over 30 years. Also good for inspiration and designs. Funny they are getting 'big' now. I love mine.