Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Dance Your (Winter) Blues Away

Yesterday was Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

For much of the Northern Hemisphere the weather sucks, with spring a distant hope. Christmas has faded in the rear view, unlike the bills to pay for it, which likely just arrived (mine did!). And how about those New Year's resolutions...?

Although there's no real science to it, you can see why 'they' might say that.

I've been known to be hit by the winter blahs, so I consulted my list of 'Little, Happy Things' (aka Cheap and/or Easy Happy Things!), in search of a weapon to combat them should I be struck.

Top of the list - dancing. Perfect! Happy music, as well as movement to get the endorphins flowing. A quest for inspiration on YouTube ensued. Here's what I found:

I originally searched for the Ferris Bueller's Day Off version of this, but John's cheeky joke at the beginning (as well as the Queen Mother's gracious response) won me over. Plus the vocals are off the charts...

This band may not be familiar to those outside of the UK, but they were popular there in the '70s. This video is from Live Aid in 1985, when they got the show off to a hell of a start!

This is just a great dance song. I love the outfits in this video, and sunflowers and convertibles make me think of summer.

Who wouldn't want to escape from winter right about now? If someone said 'Let's get away' to me, I'd jump at the chance!

Another one where I love the video almost as much as the music! And Brandon Flowers is pretty easy on the eyes as well!

When you're looking for songs to beat the blues, and the blahs, this one is a given! 

I hope these tunes help brighten your day... and I hope you dance!

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