Monday, 14 March 2016

Visiting Ucluelet

The sound of rain on the skylight in our loft lulled us to sleep. We awoke to the sound of bald eagles ‘laughing’ in the trees above - us peeking through that same skylight to catch a glimpse of them in the morning sun. Such is Ucluelet, British Columbia in March.

I call this one 'Eagles through the Skylight!!'

Last week I played travel blogger, as I was in one of my favourite places - in the world – the Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. As usual we stayed at the Terrace Beach Resort, in Ucluelet (owned by Jason Priestley and his family, drastically reducing my degrees of separation from a bona fide Canadian film/TV star!).

IMG_5686 IMG_5847
Our suite was in the far unit on the right.

It is a beautiful resort, built to resemble a historic West Coast fishing village. The suites and cabins come in a variety of sizes and styles, many with their own hot tub. It’s also pet-friendly, previously a must for us. As well, each unit has a kitchenette, offering great flexibility for families on vacation.

Last week, the town was quiet. Many of the businesses remained closed for the season; the weather still not conducive to many of the tours and activities. That was fine by us, as we go mainly to relax, chill and perhaps do a little hiking. Oh, and this helped…

If my expression seems odd, the rain was hitting my face at about 50km/hr!

This week though, will be a different story. The Pacific Rim Whale Festival runs for two weeks, from March 12-27, celebrating the return of grey whales to the region. Featuring activities daily and for all ages, this Festival coincides nicely with spring break, if you’re looking for something last-minute, and different, to do. (This year, because of the exchange rate, a ‘Stay-cation’ is a great deal for Canadians, while U.S. visitors will find they get more for their dollar!)

At the height of the summer, outdoor adventure opportunities abound. Whale-watching and surfing are two of the main highlights here, however there are other tours, via both boat and float plane, kayaking, hiking, golfing and fishing.

Combining this with top-notch accommodations, excellent new restaurants and some of the warmest weather in Canada year-round, Ucluelet has all the ingredients for a tourist’s paradise!

Winter though, is the season for one other activity that this region is famous for – storm-watching. Because it’s on my bucket list, I have visited several times in March but had yet to see a single storm until now.

On the Wednesday night, the winds picked up and the rain lashed down, resulting in us waking up Thursday morning without power! However, we braved out into the tail of the storm to watch the waves crashing around the lighthouse. The force and fury of nature was on full display as we took photos that could never possibly do it justice.



Despite what the pictures may show, Ucluelet, means ‘safe harbour’ in the Nootka language. For me, this unassuming and friendly town provides just that – an escape from the world for a while. Maybe it could do the same for you!

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  1. Hey, you write like a professional travel show would sound! Maybe missed your calling... LOVE the bald eagle shot. Way better than my pics. I couldn't get that close. Glad you are having a good time. KmB